A one of kind mega-club set up in Rishon Lezion's dunes with a clear agenda and purpose: to set up a new quality standard and to take the Israelian clubbing culture to the next level.
Itzik Russo, the owner of the Desert, has vowed to bring Las Vegas clubbing culture to Rishon Lezion, and the establishment of the new club is the first milestone in the process. The club was opened in 2018 and covers a vast area of 2,500 square meters and can contain up to 2250 ravers at once.

The Desert complex is unlike any other club in Israel: huge sand dunes surround the club walls that are shaped and illuminated in an innovative and mesmerizing desert atmosphere. The scenery on the site was designed to the smallest details In order to provide the perfect clubbing experience, without any distractions. The special stage that has become the center of attention can be seen from many miles away and is by far the biggest and most impressive one in Israel. When it blends in with great video art, the result is an experience from a different plant.

The club dance floor is huge and can be danced at the back and sides of the club, the tables are spread out and built in horseshoe shape as each table enjoys privacy and personal space, VIP tables are available in pre-order. The complex and the decor was the second most important aspect for Itzik, a nightlife and clubbing culture expert. The Desert’s highlight is the amazing and precise sound that surrounds the entire venue and allows you to enjoy the music optimally from all corners of the club.

The Desert Club is designed to turn any DJ set, whether local or international, into an exceptional experience.
In 2019, the club hosted a list of the world's top artists, ranked first in the top 100 list "DJMAG" and turned nights of ravers into unforgettable experiences of music, happiness and rave.
We invite you to take part in the new adventure, to experiment pure joy.